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What is a film language?

Hola! this is my first article in Sofmic Studios Blog (SSB). I'm so excited to share my thoughts through this medium.

Okay! What is film language?

Film is a unique language as we all communicate with each others as we know. Whereas film has a medium of communicating with any kind of people around the world. It does't matter which language is the film is in, all we need to watch it!. That's it.

Three important elements for every film : Audio, Lighting & Story.

Where all three plays a major role in a film, if one goes down will save another. But, most important is "Story". If your story does't work, then you really need to work on audio and lighting as good as possible. Because "story is king".


“Story is metaphor for life and life is lived in time.” ― Robert McKee, Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting


Stay Tuned!

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